Leadership for Impact

Lexington Leadership Partners, LLC was founded with the idea that a capable, determined group of people with a shared vision, a can-do spirit, and the right leadership actions can take on tough challenges, mobilize others to action, and achieve remarkable outcomes.

For more than 25 years, the executive partners of Lexington Leadership have helped organizations, big and small, improve business performance and achieve solid results by developing the capabilities of their leaders and leadership teams.

We have in-depth experience developing customized leadership training to help your leaders apply proven leadership concepts on the job. Our executive coaching focuses on helping leaders leverage their talents to mobilize their organizations to achieve high levels of performance. Our applied leadership facilitation focuses on helping leadership teams develop innovative solutions to their most pressing business challenges – while further refining their leadership skills in the process.

We are not typical “trainers” – our own experience as line managers grounds us in the practical realities and challenges of driving organizational performance. With Lexington Leadership you get in-depth, relevant expertise customized for you; exceptional customer service; and a constant focus on developing your leaders to achieve meaningful impacts on the job – all without the overhead of a large consulting company.

Let us help you unleash your leaders to achieve remarkable impacts within your organization.

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